Administrator with specialization in top management, corporate government, marketing, international business, national defense and security, human rights, and communication. With years of professional labor experience in areas of General Direction, Commercial, Sales Management, communications, Strategical direction, and executive boards. Transversal corporate consultancy, corporate government, executive boards, entrepreneurship, corporative relations. Lecturer in terms of entrepreneurship, corporative government, ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance), gender equality, leadership, and customer service. Entrepreneurship mentor, knowledge, and experience directing and guiding development and implementation of strategies on sustainability issues, corporative responsibility, and risks. Strategic analyses to develop projects in different areas of the Latin American market. A leader to motivate and, work with multidisciplinary high range teams, capacity to adapt in multicultural surroundings, great facility to interact with distinct organizational levels, high sense of belonging, responsibility, and dedication. Great experience in project management, communications, and international relations. Very orientated in outcomes. The jury in innovation contests, of social responsibility, of environment. 



Maria Eugenia Rey
Grupo Evolution